Pre-ASH Blog: The Wait

Pre-ASH Blog: The Wait

Years 2020 and 2021 were certainly filled with both unexpected challenges and silver linings for the entire world.  I prefer to focus on the positive and when I think about time, I think of how lucky I am to be here.  I was diagnosed in September 2000 so I am now a 21-year survivor, or should I say a Myeloma Warrior?  It hasn’t always been easy, but with the milestones I’ve reached with my family and the research I’ve benefited from, living with myeloma has kept me grounded, humble, and grateful. 

In 2000, I was 36 and our children were 2 and 7 years old.  Back then, treatment options were extremely limited. We were told to be prepared and to write our will.  Today, we have an armamentarium of options. Each one comes with great hope for longer remissions, fewer side effects, and a better quality of life.   

There are multiple novel agents that are now available to treat newly diagnosed and relapsed/refractory myeloma. Depending on how you count the treatments and combinations, there are currently 15 FDA-approved treatments for myeloma with more coming! 

The question that I will be focusing on at ASH: How do we sequence and strategize therapies to ensure the best outcomes? It’s certainly a hopeful time. 

If you have read my blogs from previous ASH reports, you probably noticed that because of my love for music, I’ve made it a tradition to include rock songs in my blogs. 

Songwriter and former member of The Band, Robbie Robertson recently did a remake of the song “The Wait” with musicians from all over the world. Indeed, music has the power to break down boundaries and to bridge the distance between people. 

We are seeing global research and collaboration come together at ASH. 

“It Makes No Difference” from The Last Waltz by The Band takes on a special meaning, as we “wait” for better treatments and a cure.  It’s a sad song with threads of hope coming from Garth Hudson’s masterful saxophone-playing, Robbie Robertson’s lead guitars, and from the heart-wrenching vocals of Rich Danko. 

Enjoy my favorite version here:  

Michael Tuohy, on Twitter: @IMFmikeMYELOMA 

Pre-ASH Blog: Informing Young Myeloma Families, Grateful for Virtual Opportunity to Attend #ASH21

Pre-ASH Blog: Informing Young Myeloma Families, Grateful for Virtual Opportunity to Attend #ASH21

I’m honored to participate virtually in this year’s #ASH 21 conference!  I am excited to learn about all the latest and greatest advances in myeloma therapies and treatments. My goal is to share that information with myeloma patients and their caregivers, especially those who have young children, to encourage and empower them on their myeloma journey. 

In addition, I feel so thankful and blessed that the virtual format is still being utilized. It allows me to participate in a safe environment as well as manage my energy levels.  We can still learn so much virtually! Thank you, IMF for not only allowing me to participate, but for keeping it virtual as well!   #IMFASH21 

Sue Massey, on Twitter: @Mmfamilies_IMF